[My Forged Wedding] Yuta Kajima Walkthrough

Hi guys, I’m finally back with Yuta Walkthrough XD Real Life is so hectic even though i finished Yuta route in 2 days, i don’t really have the time to re-review my walkthrough again. So yeah, finally finished it ^^

At first, before Yuta route was available, i find his character is not too appealing compared to others, but after i played his route, he quickly become one of my favourite guy. He’s sweet but at the same time makes you keep hoping for him at the same time which made me really stressed out LOL He also cares so much to his childhood friend Yuu, but this Yuu guy made me annoyed most of the time (you’ll know why when you played)

LMAO This is so cute! To see 4 guys blushing in one route. I wonder what they’re thinking.. hmmm.. (let me know what you guys think in the comment XD)

and oh come on Ren, like you didn’t share A BED? XDDD

And yes this is what happened XDDDD


Choices you need to make: 28

Yuta key personality: cheerful, hardworking, sensitive, treasure his friends, if you want to win his heart you need to think about no one but him!

  1. Ask everyone to join
  2. Continue to look into his eyes
  3. Invite him
  4. Let’s work hard together
  5. have Yuta put it on
  6. Put in on for him
  7. Show them you’re better than they think!
  8. You’re too nice…
  9. Taking a walk
  10. "There is a full of memories!"
  11. We’re married
  12. Flowers
  13. Back to be a strong wife
  14. be patient
  15. Do it yourself
  16. Stay
  17. Have a fun
  18. "Right?" Joke that he’s right
  19. Don’t ask
  20. knock on the door
  21. You should go
  22. Look away because it hurts
  23. Wipe it
  24. Let him sleep
  25. Let him know
  26. Ask
  27. I believe in you
  28. I’m fine

note: if you have been playing forged wedding for a while you’ll know that they have several part that whichever option you chose, the difference between the reactions from your chosen character are too subtle to tell which one is the right answer. Well, Yuta have alot of this problem. I’ve reviewed these choice a few times and it’s the best for me. But if you think you have better choice, please let me know ^^

ps: I believe there’s a part where the scenes was cut during chapter 7. I’m gonna report this to Voltage inc :/